BCB seeks solution to Shakibs Betwinner News contract

BCB seeks solution to Shakibs Betwinner News contract

A notable example of this is the Indian whiskey brand Royal Stag’s endorsement of Shahrukh Khan as their brand ambassador in 2012. Through advertising campaigns featuring Shahrukh Khan, the brand promoted a music CD with the tagline “small milate Jao, large banate jao”, which subtly referenced the brand’s association with whiskey. Additionally, the use of the same logo and brand name in these alternative products helps to increase brand familiarity among customers.

We are a group of experienced people passionate about sports betting and online gambling. At Sports Trading Wealth, we have experts with great knowledge of sports betting markets, online bookmakers, and valuable sports insights. The company owns many other online betting portals including the most famous one – 1xbet. According to research by Review42, a majority of consumers, 59%, tend to spend their money on brands they are familiar with. This is a benefit that brands can achieve through the use of surrogate marketing, a strategy in which a brand is promoted through indirect means, rather than directly discussing the product itself. A survey conducted by Nielson found that when customers can recall a brand, 60% of them prefer to purchase that brand’s products.

For any endorsement a contracted player is bound to take the permission of the board as per BCB’s law. After the BCB’s stern warning, Shakib backed out from the agreement and also deleted the post in this regard from his social media account. BetWinner News is an online portal linked to the betting website. The board is completely against the contract with BetWinner and will drop him from the squad if does not end the deal. Nazmul further stressed that the BCB won’t allow Shakib to even be a part of the team if he doesn’t cancel the deal.

As betting and gambling sites are banned in Bangladesh, the deal was canceled later. Despite later canceling the deal, Shakib’s conflict with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) was widely reported in the media due to this matter, which resulted in significant promotion for Betwinner. Shakib last Tuesday irked many in the cricket fraternity after he announced involvement with Betwinner News, which is a surrogate promotion of online betting and gaming portal Betwinner. We are a trustworthy and reliable source of online betting information.

Police have arrested three agents of Betwinner, an online betting website, on charges related to gambling, which is banned in Bangladesh. Surrogate marketing is a crucial strategy for established brands as it allows customers to easily identify and relate to the main product through the use of the brand’s logo, tagline, or name. However, for new brands, it is vital to quickly create awareness among customers as they may not be able to recall the core product by simply looking at the logo or brand name.

This tactic came to be known as surrogate marketing, and it has been used by brands in various subtle ways ever since. A study conducted by Customer Thermometer revealed that 13% of customers are willing to pay up to 31-50% more for brands that positively impact their community. As a tactic of surrogate marketing, companies that market restricted products also engage in CSR activities to improve their perception among customers, which in turn helps to increase their sales. This demonstrates the effectiveness of CSR as a means of improving brand image and ultimately driving revenue growth. For example, Shakib Al Hasan signed a sponsorship deal with Betwinner News, a surrogate promotion of the betting site – Betwinner, prior to the 2022 T20 World Cup start.

We aim to provide expert analysis, reviews and previews of top sports events for our readers. We also attempt to provide information for our readers that will help with betting on the sports we cover. That can also include information about betting sites that can be used to that end. All-rounder Shakib Al Hasan cancelled his contract with Betwinner News after the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) took a stern position against his contract with the betting company brand. Bangladesh law doesn’t permit any involvement with betting company.

“There can’t be any kind of involvement. He must cancel the deal. Otherwise, he won’t be there in the team let alone be the captain. There is nothing to be discussed here. We have made our stance crystal clear,” concluded the BCB president. Jalal while clarifying the point said, “It [Betwinner News] might not be involved with betting but it is owned by a betting company. His [Shakib] contract is with a company owned by a betting organization. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Bangladesh Police has arrested three people for their alleged involvement in money laundering through the online gambling site Betwinner. Rezaul Masud, a special superintendent of police at CID, said at a press conference in Dhaka on Thursday that CID’s Cyber Intelligence and Risk Management Branch found the suspect’s involvement in betting operations.

“He is not supposed to ask us for permission since we will not allow such a deal. We have to know if it has taken place first,” the board president added. The users paid for betting through mobile financial services. Although most betting and gambling sites are blocked in Bangladesh, the users registered on and logged in to Betwinner through VPN software, Rezaul said. Cricketer Shakib Al Hasan has recently been criticised for signing an advertisement deal with Betwinner’s news portal.

Now, our company has Pan India coverage with offices in a number of cities in India as well as in Dubai and other cities. Over the years, our company has gained ample of experience in the detective field. We believe in ferreting out the truth with the help of the authentic proofs and evidences and we then lay it in full view of the Indian public. “There is no option to have a second opinion about Shakib’s sponsorship (with Betwinner). BCB has been clear of its stance on the matter and it’s still the same,” said Papon to the media in Dhaka.

The BCB president, after the meeting, said that they could even drop Shakib from the squad if the latter doesn’t opt out of the partnership with BetWinner News. The squad for the Asia Cup, starting on 27 August, will be announced on Friday or Saturday. Any reproduction of our content from this site is a flagrant copyright infringement liable to legal action. BCB Cricket operations committee chairman Jalal Yunus said the board is discussing the issue with Shakib and the board is not complying with this deal.

It has become a common practice for companies to launch new legal products using the same logo, brand name, tagline, and similar packaging as a banned product. This is evident in the case of Kamla Pasand pan masala, which is banned in India. The company has resorted to promoting their product through a surrogate, Kamla Pasand Elaichi, which is a mouth freshener. According to a survey conducted by Think with Google, 85% of shoppers consider product information and pictures to be extremely important in their decision-making process.

“The board will not allow such a deal to happen if it has taken place,” Papon informed the media today. The BCB president, Nazmul Hassan Papon, talked to the media on Thursday after the sixth board meeting and said he was unaware of Shakib signing the deal. You can also make people happy by giving attractive, quality magazines as gifts. Jalal Yunus said Shakib’s breach of rules will be discussed in BCB’s next meeting. “This too (endorsement without taking permission) was discussed with him. As he has struck a deal without our permission — we have discussed it earlier and will discuss it in our next board meeting after which we’ll decide what step we can take.” In the letter, Shakib stated that he would cancel all kinds of ties with the Betting company, showing the respect towards the existing law of the country and the BCB.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a crucial role in building a positive brand image for organizations. As a result, even companies that market restricted products engage in various CSR activities as part of their surrogate marketing strategy. A prime example of this is Godfrey Phillips India, one of the top 10 tobacco brands in India. The company operates under the motto “Together for Better” and has been recognized for its extensive CSR efforts.

On the other hand, the marketing strategy used in the promotion of such products can be called deceptive in one word. Because companies use loopholes in government rules and regulations to promote, which is an unethical practice. According to research conducted by Zippia, a significant portion of revenue, ranging from 60-80%, is generated solely through advertising. As certain products, such as cigarettes, alcohol, and betting websites, are not permitted to engage in direct marketing, it is essential for companies to invest in effective advertising in order to stay competitive.

Meanwhile, the BCB is yet to announce the Bangladesh squad for the Asia Cup due to its issue with Shakib. Advance Detective Agency was founded in the year 2013 in the capital city of the country, Delhi. With just one office in the heart of the country, our company kept working hard and provided valuable services.

We told him, he is our player and he will understand that too. It can be unknowingly or knowingly, there could be a mistake. We are trying to resolve it, hopefully, it will be resolved.” Jalal Yunus said to the media on Monday. Sports Trading Wealth would also like our readers to acknowledge that they are aware of the risks when it comes to sports betting and that we are not responsible for their decisions and actions. Also, if they gamble on any site that we link to, they have left Sports Trading Wealth and we cannot be responsible for any losses. All Sports Trading Wealth users should understand that they are responsible for knowing their local laws regarding sports betting.

The board official thinks it might be a mistake and hopes it will be resolved soon. According to BCB’s regulation, no cricketer can work for any organisation that is involved in betting-related activities. Shakib sparked his recent controversy with BCB by announcing his engagement with Betwinner News, a subsidiary of Betwinner dot com, a betting and gaming platform. Bangladesh Test Captain Shakib Al Hasan has decided to cancel the deal with Betwinner News. Bangladesh premier all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan cancelled the contract with betwinner.

To combat the marketing and promotion of restricted products, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) provided new guidelines under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 in 2022. The main objective of these guidelines was to prevent misleading advertisements and protect consumers from being cheated. Betwinner is an online betting platform which is not permitted within the country’s law alongside the guidelines of the ICC and BCB. Betwinner news, a news portal of the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao-based gambling company. “He has been informed that we do not comply with this [the deal].

A top director of BCB confirmed the matter to risingbd on Thursday evening (August 11). A BCB insider said Shakib will return to the country from the USA tomorrow (Friday) after which on Saturday he would call on the BCB president at his residence. But it is learnt, the BCB is not even satisfied with the letter, rather the president wants to talk to him directly. However, this dispute has forced the board to delay its decision, along with the announcement of the Asia Cup squad. Related to this issue is BCB’s dilemma in naming the T20I captain. Police’s Criminal Investigation Department made the arrests in Cumilla’s Chauddagram on Wednesday night.

After the Bangladesh Cricket Board had threatened to end his career, Shakib said he had cancelled the deal. If you want to give something between 15,000 to 20,000 rupees, then I think you can give a smartphone. You can gift it to your friend or brother who likes music because most people use wired headphones.

He also said that he will delete the post regarding this matter from his social media outlets. Any unauthorised use or reproduction of content is strictly prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement liable to legal action. Many famous poets and writers have appeared in our Bengali literature. They have blessed Bengali literature with their stories, poems, plays, and novels.

Previously, Nazmul stated that the board wouldn’t allow any cricketer to have any kind of engagement with a portal that promotes betting or gambling. He also mentioned that proper action would be taken against Shakib if the news was true. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is trying to resolve Test captain Shakib al Hasan’s involvement with a brand affiliated with one of the biggest online gambling portals in the world. Sports Trading Wealth is a site for fans of sports and sports betting.

In 2018, the company received the 8th Asia’s Best CSR Practices award, and in 2019, it received the Greentech Foundation CSR Gold award and the CSR Leadership award. Through its CSR activities, the company prominently features its own brand name and logo, which in turn helps to increase its popularity and gain a favorable reputation among customers. Betwinner holds a valid online gambling license from the government of Curacao and is under parent company 1X Corp N.V. The company owns many other online betting portals including the most famous one – 1xbet. However, as he was about to be named as captain in the shortest format of the cricket, the ace all-rounder sparked another controversy by striking a deal with Betwinner news, a sister concern of betting company Betwinner.

According to a journal published in 2019 by Prabhu Kumar and Anurag, the practice of surrogate marketing originated in Britain. It was a result of protests by women in England, who were concerned about the negative impact of advertisements for alcoholic products on their husbands’ drinking habits. As the movement gained momentum, the government was eventually compelled to ban liquor advertising. In response, companies began to sell non-alcoholic products, such as juice, soda, and mineral water, under the same brand name as their alcoholic products, in order to maintain brand recognition among customers.

There has been a lot of chatter regarding the squad announcement ahead of the Asia Cup and all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan being the ambassador of a news portal – BetWinner News – which is also a sister concern of an online betting site. After a closed-door meeting with the BCB officials on Thursday, the board president Nazmul Hassan has implied that they wouldn’t change their stance on Shakib’s BetWinner issue. Through Cable Television Network Rules, 1994, when India banned the advertisement of alcohol and tobacco products, surrogate marketing began to grow at an alarming rate.

‘Not only his captaincy his availability in any format of the Bangladesh team is in doubt,’ added Nazmul. ‘We were expected to announce the team by Thursday and we had a plan regarding him, however we might need to revise the team combination,’ he said. Nazmul said the squad will be announced on Friday or Saturday. “We have sent Shakib a letter and are supposed to get a reply today. He was due to reply to that yesterday but I’ve heard that he will do that today. So we’ll have to wait a bit,” he added.

As a result of this partnership, Kingfisher created a television commercial (TVC) featuring players from the teams. This TVC, titled “Oo La La LA Le O” was broadcasted on television throughout the IPL season. In this commercial, Kingfisher prominently displayed their logo and brand name, despite not mentioning their specific product, beer, anywhere in the commercial. This strategy allows for customers to easily recall the company later on.

But Sports Trading Wealth is not a betting site itself – and we do not operate or offer gambling services. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information supplied by these betting companies. If our readers notice any inaccuracies, we would urge them to contact us so we can rectify any mistakes. “We have a zero-tolerance policy against betting and betting-related activities,” BCB President Nazmul Hassan Papon told the media earlier in the day. “If Shakib continues his contract with the betting organisation, we will not consider him for the national team.” “Shakib sent us a letter confirming the cancellation of his contract with that company,” BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury told UNB Thursday.

Today’s article is for you if you haven’t thought about the best project yet. Today I’m sharing ten of the best unique gift ideas you can find anywhere. But what went against Shakib still was that he breached the BCB rules by striking the deal with Betwinner without taking the permission of the board.

It’s true that we don’t have a cricketer like Shakib at the moment. But we’ve also lost many games with Shakib, and won many without him,” the BCB chief added. Also, every player needs to take the permission of the board before partnering with any organisation as an ambassador. But Shakib did not do so while teaming up with Betwinner News. The issue also forced the BCB to hold the squad announcement for the Asia Cup despite Thursday being the deadline.

Surrogate marketing, in particular, can provide companies with a significant advantage in the marketplace. A prime example of this is Kingfisher, which leverages its Airline brand to promote its mineral water, as well as its beer brand. Another example is Pan Bahar, which has utilized the endorsement of Pierce Brosnan, known for his role as James Bond, to gain a competitive advantage.

The president basically wants to know as to why Shakib struck the deal with the Betting company without the permission of the BCB even if he is unaware about the law. The BCB, however, expected a letter from Shakib regarding the withdrawal of his contract with the company during their meeting. The expected letter came just after the BCB president gave Shakib a warning during a jam-packed press conference, said a director. According to reports, Shakib has questioned the board as to why he should not be allowed to endorse Betwinner News, given that it’s simply a news portal and has no relation to betting.


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The suspects are Abu Bakr Siddique, 30, Abdullah Al Awal, 26, and Md Toraf Hossain, 37, reports bdnews24.com. Nazmul had also reiterated the BCB’s zero-tolerance policy regarding such matters, stating that in case Shakib and the board do not come to a resolution in the matter, Shakib’s contract with BCB will consequently be terminated.

Establishing a strong brand identity is essential to build a loyal customer base for new brands. Therefore, it is crucial for new brands to invest in various marketing efforts to create a strong brand identity and build brand recall among customers. Bangladesh Cricket Board President Nazmul Hassan has warned Shakib Al Hasan that if he does not cancel his contract with the online betting website BetWinner, it will spell the end of his ties to cricket.

However, the most famous of Rabindran’s poets is Islam Kazi, who has the most wonderful talent. Rebellious poet, humanist poet, and love poet – Kazi Nazrul-Islam is my favorite poet. In the showroom, you can buy good quality shoes to give as gifts. Many boys love to wear shoes, and you can give them this gift. Now it seems we have to think otherwise if he doesn’t terminate the deal with Betwinner news. He additionally added that they were eagerly waiting for the reply of their letter that they issued to Shakib couple of days back.

Betwinner news, a news portal of the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao-based gambling company. But the star cricketer signed a contract with the organization. Betwinner holds a valid online gambling license from the government of Curacao and is under parent company 1X Corp N.V. Alternative products can be used to deliver banned products to customers.

If you want, you can gift your loved one a good brand of perfume. Shakib, who returned to Bangladesh from the USA on Friday night met BCB boss at his residence in Gulshan today (Saturday). Team Director Khaled Mahmud Sujon, Cricket Operations Chairman Jalal Yunus and two selectors Minhajul Abedin Nannu and Habibul Bashar Sumon were also present during the meeting. Shakib however was the first choice to be the T20 captain after Bangladesh team went through a severely bad patch in this format under the captaincy of Mahmudullah Riyad. On August 2, Shakib posted a photo on his verified Facebook page where he was spotted posing with bat, pad, gloves and outfits with the logo and official colour of Betwinner News.

In response, the Indian government issued a ban on the use of tobacco and nicotine as ingredients in any food through the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on Sales) Regulations in 2011. Pan masala companies then started providing free tobacco in separate packets with pan masala packets that customers mixed and consumed after purchase. For a significant period, governments of various nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) have taken various measures to prevent companies and brands from marketing restricted products, even through surrogate marketing. On May 21, 2003, WHO created the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC), an international treaty aimed at reducing the demand and supply of tobacco and worldwide tobacco consumption, which 180 countries have signed by 2022. As a result, marketing tobacco products has become increasingly challenging for companies.

Bangladesh Cricket Board is yet to reach a solution on their latest issue with star and controversial cricketer Shakib al Hasan regarding the latter’s involvement with a sister concern of a betting organization. He said, the trio was arrested from Chauddagram upazila of Cumilla on Wednesday afternoon (August 31). They used to convert the money of the gambling participants on the Betwinner site into US dollars through a money exchange app called Binance. Later, this money was laundered to different countries through the app.

Earlier today [Thursday], BCB president has made it clear that star all-rounder will not be part of Bangladesh cricket anymore if he doesn’t revoke his association with Betwinner. Shakib informed the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) of his decision by a formal letter, only hours after BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon gave a strict warning. Ace allrounder Shakib Al Hasan cancelled his contract with the Betwinner News, a sister concern of the betting site Betwinner, just an hour after the stern warning of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazmul Hassan Papon. We need to solve this matter, hopefully we will be able to that in a day or two,” said BCB director Jalal. Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan wrote to the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) that he will terminate his contract with Betwinner News — a sister concern of betting site Betwinner.

However, when it comes to surrogate marketing, the main product is not always promoted or featured prominently, which can result in a lower conversion rate compared to traditional marketing methods. The lack of information and imagery for the main product can make it more difficult for shoppers to make an informed decision, ultimately affecting the effectiveness of the surrogate marketing strategy. Brands often promote themselves by sponsoring events or programs. As an example, in 2015, Kingfisher, a beer company in India, was the good times partner for 7 teams in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The primary goal of surrogate marketing is to increase brand familiarity and create brand recall. The day BCB communicated their Expression of Interest (EOI) to the franchises through the media to play in the upcoming BPL, it was stated that any company related to tobacco, alcohol and betting cannot participate in the BPL. However, on the same day, Shakib surprised by announcing that he has signed a deal with Betwinner news. Generally, the government of a country may impose restrictions on the sale and promotion of products that may cause health or other harm to people due to their use or consumption.

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